Catalogue, Operation And Maintenance

The PDF file is the catalog of the 2019 version. (7.17MB)

Guide To Using Rubber Wedge Gate Ardestan Mojab Valves

Principles of Operation Transportation and Storage:

  1. Rubber wedge gate valves must be stored in the opened position.
  2. The storage shall under dry and cool condition.
  3. The storage shall be away from direct sunlight and corrosive or otherwise chemically active atmosphere in order to protect the coating and elastomeric parts from damage.
  4. Unloading and handling must be carried out with care in order to protect the valves from any damage. Damaged coating will cause rusting and corrosion.
  5. The valves must not be placed on top of each other after unboxing.
  6. Lift only by means of eyebolts on the valve, shackles in the flange bolt holes or slings around the body casting.
  7. The valves which are opened and closed with a hand wheel are designed in a way that can be operated manually. Therefore, avoid using any external forces because it will damage the valve components.
  8. The max. Operating temperature is at 80 o C
  9. If over sedimentation occurs, it is strongly recommended to open and close the valve periodically (preferably once every three months) and to descale the valve annually.

Note: Mojab gate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed service installed in pipelines as isolating valves, and should not be used as control or regulating valves.

Instructions on how to install the rubber wedge gate valves to the network

Gate valve installation guide:

Prior to installation make sure that all pressurized lines involved in the installation are isolated, depressurized and drained before starting any work. Failure to do so many result in sudden pressure release and subsequent severe injury or death.

  1. Weld the flanges to the pipe. (Flange holes should face each other.)
  2. Thoroughly clean the surface of the flanges, the inside of the pipes and the welding area.
  3. During installation in the pipeline system, care must be taken to ensure that the connecting flanges of the pipeline getting in contact with the gate valve are arranged parallel to each other and are exactly aligned to avoid any tension loads acting upon the valve body. For the same reason, and to achieve a regular mounting of the flange sealings, it is also necessary to tighten the connecting bolts regularly in a cross pattern.
  4. Gate valves must be installed using suitable gaskets, bolts, washers and nuts (according to the catalogue’s page 11 table). Maiden flanges must be designed to adapt standard flange drilling appropriate to the specific flange drilling on the valve.
  5. Fully open the valve when installing or removing it from pipeline.
  6. The Rubber wedge gate valves of this company are sealed on both sides and their performance is not affected by the direction of the fluid flanges flow.
  7. Avoid hitting the valves during installation.
  8. To increase the durability and performance of rubber wedge gate valves, it is recommended to use a suitable strainer before the valves.
  9. Gate valves is buried installation should be surrounded with screened sand.
  10. After the installation process is completed, check the performance of the valve once and make sure the connection do not leak.
  11. It is recommended not to install Rubber wedge gate valves nest to Control valves, pumps and bends. If necessary, keep a distance of at least 10 times of the nominal diameter of the valve.
  12. Read the instruction carefully before using electrical actuator of valves.
  13. To open the gate valves (DN500-600) you must first open the bypass valve, then open the main valve, and finally close the bypass. To close the above valves, first open the bypass, then close the main valve completely, and finally close the bypass.
  14. In case any other than water is going to be flown through the valve, please specify the fluid type when ordering.
  15. Before ordering, please make sure that your choice is in accordance with the type of fluid, temperature, pressure and pipeline connection standard. In this regard, you can get technical advice from the official sellers or the company’s sales office.

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