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Automatic Rubber Wedge Gate Mojab Valves Available in All F4 and F5 Series

The valve is used in industrial and constructional fields for on/off purposes of drinking water and non-corrosive liquids with maximum temperature of 80oC.

  • The valve parts, spindle disposition mechanism and sealing uniquely designed by AICC.
  • Easy service with no need to detach the valve from the water line system
  • Suitable for underground systems as heavy duty valve
  • Designed and manufactured according to DIN3352-4 and ISIRI3363
  • Flanges drilled according to EN 1092-2 and other standards upon request
  • Flanges face-to-face length according to (EN558-1) DIN3202-1
  • Body, wedge and bonnet made of ductile iron EN1563(GJS400) for PN10/16 and EN1563(GJS500) for PN25
  • Wedge rubberized all over with EPEM according to DIN53538-5
  • Spindle made of stainless steel 1.4021 according to DIN17440 with rolled thread and ultra-burnished sealing surface
  • Inside and outside surfaces covered with a minimum of 250 micron epoxy electrostatic paint coating according to DIN30677
  • Sizes DN50 to DN600 from series F4 and DN50 to DN300 from series F5 are available


Body Material GJS400
Cap Material GJS400
Seal Wedge Material GJS400 & EPDM
Spindle Material STAINLESS STEEL
O-ring Material NBR



Body Test Seal Test Pressure Test
15 bar 11 bar 10 bar
24 bar 17.6 bar 16 bar
37.5 bar 27.5 bar 25 bar